Martin Klingeberg - trumpet/vocals,

is part of the Berlin-jazz-scene since more than 20 years. He played in many bands and worked

with musicians like Kalle Kalima, John Tchicai, Carlos Bica, Andreas Willers , Ebo Taylor, Uli Gumpert,

Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Rudi Mahall,  Potsch Potschka, Tanmoy Bose and many others.

As a theatre-musician and/or composer he worked with Robert Wilson, Thomas Ostermeier, Philip Tiedemann, Tom Kühnel, Nicolas Charaux and many more.

He always had his own projects, like "BABY BONK", which has released 2 records, or "phonON 3",

with one release out ("cyborg"), just to name a few.

He is a member of "CvdG Project" (release: "paradise"),  "Ranin" (with Christian Kögel, Nasser Kilada and Marc Muellbauer) and "ALPHA ALPHA" (with Felix Wahnschaffe, C. v. d. Goltz and Thomas Alkier)

and works for the SCHAUBÜHNE and the HANS-OTTO-THEATER in Potsdam.

Besides that he still plays the "Three Penny Opera" since 10 years now at the BERLINER ENSEMBLE.



Felix Wahnschaffe - altosaxophone,

can be called one of the main voices of Jazz in Berlin since many years. He studied in Berlin with David Friedman, Dave Liebman and others, played with Ronny Burrage, Miroslav Vitous, Aki Takase, Simon Nabatov, Sam Rivers, Steve Lacy, Alex von Schlippenbach and many others. In 1997 he got a scholarship for composing in New York. He led and composed for numerous ensembles , DAS ROSA RAUSCHEN being his main project since about 20 years ( with John Schroeder, Oli Potratz and Eric Schaefer) , 4 releases out on the market. Another actual project is called "Die Orgonauten" (with Wolfgang Roggenkamp and Ray Kaczynski). 

Tom Berkmann - doublebass,

is recently one of the most sought after bass players in Berlin. He studied Jazz Bass at the Richard-Strauss-Conservatory in Munich, then went to Berlin to study at the Jazz Institute with Greg Cohen, Kurt Rosenwinkel and John Hollenbeck. After that he moved to New York as a DAAD scholar for three years, where he studied with Jay Anderson,  and graduated from Manhattan School of Music with a Master of Music degree.

He played and toured with various groups all over Europe and in the USA. For the soundtrack of the movie "Oh Boy" he received the German Academy Award for the best filmscore and the German Critics Award for the best soundtrack at the Berlin Film Festival in 2013.



Jan Leipnitz - drums,

is an outstanding young drummer based in Berlin, playing mostly free and modern jazz . He worked and still works with Rudi Mahall, Johannes Fink, Gebhard Ullmann, Gerhard Gschlössl, Andy Sugg, Sean Pentland, Allan Praskin  and many others and though is a definite part of the Berlin Jazz sound.

They have a new expression along old Harlem way
That tells you when a party is ten times more than gay
To say that things are jumpin' leaves not a single doubt
That everything is in full swing when you hear someone shout
Here 'tis

The joint is jumpin'
It's really jumpin'
Come in, cats, and check your hats
I mean this joint is jumpin'

The piano's thumpin'
The dancers are bumpin'
This spot here is more than hot
In fact, the joint is jumpin'

Check your weapons at the door
Be sure to pay your quarter
Burn your leather on the floor
Grab anybody's daughter

The roof is rockin'
The neighbors knockin'
We're all bums when the wagon comes
I mean, this joint is jumpin`....